Panther 2 Twin Axle Harvester with Adblue-free operation

January has seen ROPA’s new Panther 2 demonstrated across the East of England with impressive results in challenging soil conditions.

768 hp in the new two-axle model make the Panther 2 a real workhorse. Sporty modern design with manoeuvrability and agility are combined for pure pleasure when lifting beets. There are sufficient power reserves for the most extreme lifting conditions from the new 768 hp Volvo inline engine with pump-nozzle injection and 16.12 litre capacity.

The award winning and soil-protecting chassis system with roll stabilisation and automatic slope compensation have been flawlessly integrated into the new machine design. The unloading conveyor derived from the Tiger 6 with a more powerful hopper emptying facilitates quicker loading during the drive. The new comfort cabin with glass touch terminal and numerous automatic programmes is the basis for outstanding driving comfort and the best lifting results.

The robust, responsive power pack does not require AdBlue, SCR catalytic converter and exhaust gas recirculation. It’s a 768 hp/565 kW Volvo inline 6-cylinder engine with 16.12 litre capacity and pump nozzle injection. This reduces logistics requirements for equipment and minimises downtime. A powerful maximum torque of 3260 Nm transmits power at optimal efficiency over the continuously variable transmission. The 238 hp/175 kW extra power compared to the Panther 2 results faster hectare coverage, particularly when lifting uphill, during chaser loading while moving, or with more than 6-row lifting with XL lifter attachments. The Volvo unit is designed to cope with high sulphur fuels used in some overseas markets, ensuring a ready ‘used’ market and good resale values.

In accordance with the higher engine power, the cleaning power has also been upgraded in the Panther 2. The RR lifting attachment has an additional seventh lifting roller included and therefore offers a cleaning area which is over 15 per cent larger.
Panther 2’s advanced stabilisation and turbo steer take ‘bendy’ headlands in their stride at the flick of a switch. Switching to turbo steer enables a faster res[ponse from the steering, not required when on straight rows.

The new model has ROPA’s innovative chassis concept with 2 floating axles in conjunction with 4 stabilising cylinders reducing the sway of machine by 50 per cent compared with conventional 2-axle harvesters. The automatic slope compensation using four hydraulic cylinders and sensors is unique among two axle beet lifters. The entire vehicle is inclined to the slope by up to 7 % and thus held horizontally..

ROPA offers all new owners of Panther and Tiger harvesters the ability to log into a GPS monitoring programme, accessing all lifting information and statistics from the machine. Operators can see exactly location and how well the machine has performed, going back 3 years, field by field... a huge step forward in efficient beet harvesting.

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