CTM Rockstar® De-stoner/ Separators

Potato growers are cautious in switching to ‘new’ brands but for those who have adopted CTM Rockstar de-stoners have not regretted it and in at least one case have been able to replace 3 existing machines with just 2 Rockstars.

In fact CTM ‘Rockstar’ incorporates stone and clod separation technology gained from 50 years of perfecting beet cleaner loader design and manufacture by CTM.

There is a wide range of models with a choice of web, stars or web and star separators across 1500 or 1700mm working widths. The distinctive front depth roller ensures accurate depth control and maximised intake flow.

Choose from a range of web pitch options to suit different soil conditions. Staggered web belting ensures even soil distribution across the bed.

The powerful, variable speed scrubber web has reversible action for heavy clod conditions. Large diameter intake discs retain material within the working width of the machine. A trailing link gives better flotation and less flexing. Choose from full width or multi digging shares with optional stone trap fingers. Individual steering axles with high level link self-centre for effective bed alignment and ensure unrestricted bed flow beneath the machine.

Hydraulically controlled they automatically maintain even digging depth across the bed and a uniform working angle regardless of uneven depth of soil in wheelings. On side hills the machine level may be preset to compensate for field angle and will automatically reverse this angle upon turn- around. The state of the art HMi in-cab control panel with graphic display, enables the operator to switch machine modes at the push of a button, minimising driver fatigue.

NEW for 2017: Rockstar2

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