The new generation Rockstar2 debuts at

CTM have designed their new generation ROCKSTAR2 de-stoner/ separators to offer greater flexibility, increased productivity and reduced running costs.

The new web and star combination allows much greater use where soils vary across the field, whereas in the past it’s been a star machine or web.

“From the customer’s point of view, the running costs will be greatly reduced due to the configuration of webs and stars which ensure greater productivity ” Explain Sales Manager Karl Arndt.

“ROCKSTAR2 is an ‘operator’s machine’. Many features used on each pass are fully automated by one push button activation on the updated HMI control console. Alternatively all these functions can be used manually if the operator prefers”.

The new web design ensures a free flow of soil and stones, reducing any risk of stones being lost in the separated bed.

The depth system has been improved with sprung tension and soil scrapers on the ‘diablo’ while all drive shafts have been upgraded from the previous models. Soil deflectors are an option, allowing nearly all the soil separated to be used before the wheels run over what has been achieved.  

The improved bearing housings used on all star shafts and cross conveyer drive shoes are virtually maintenance free.

Many greasing points have been brought into a single servicing bank, allowing the operator to lubricate many points at one time, making servicing much easier during daily routines.

“All in all, these upgrades will ensure ease of operation and greater output from each day’s work” says Karl.

The new CTM ROCKSTAR2 will make its national debut at the British Potato Event where Karl and members of the design team will be pleased to explain how the new features can work for you.

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