CTM appointed East of England agents for Bijlsma Hercules

Bijlsma Hercules of Holland design and build potato handling systems for a worldwide market. They have recently strengthened their distribution network by appointing CTM Root Crop Systems as their agents for the East of England.

Product Manager Karl Arndt of CTM Root Crop Systems welcomes the appointment. “Following the success of our Rockstar de-stoners and Ridgestar ridgers, it seems logical to address the packhouse needs of the potato and general vegetable grower. We have been well impressed by the strength Bijlsma Hercules’ design team and the build quality of their equipment range. After speaking with existing and potential new customers over the past months, this was a decision easily made, with positive comments received from all”.

Bijlsma Hercules output has shifted towards building installations and because agricultural operations are growing in scale means that increasingly larger grading installations are being supplied. Their bulk hopper grading installations enable the grading process to take place with a minimum of operating personnel. This space-saving idea, combined with more favourable working conditions quickly lead to lowering of costs in operations, since the core of such bulk hopper installations always consists of one or more machinery from the standard product range. Bijlsma Hercules does not have to reinvent the wheel; it simply has to adjust to specific needs. This results in excellent price/quality ratios.

In nearly all cases, a bulk hopper installation improves the quality of product. It does so because of the shorter distances that the product has to travel. The countless possibilities relating to composition and construction methods of installations ensure ideal solutions for your circumstances. Installations can be provided in the area of weighing, packing and palletizing of various labour-reducing components. In most cases it is possible to integrate existing equipment in the installations.

A Bijlsma Hercules palletiser is very economical when it comes to limited space. The compact construction means that it can be placed in virtually any area. Its sophisticated design enables you to feed empty pallets to the machine from three sides. There are options available for feeding bags.

The bags are fed to the machine through an optional sewing conveyor. A bag tilter tips the bags onto the feed roller track. Specially shaped rollers ensure that the bags are flattened. A bag lift raises the bags, following which a product-friendly gripper grasps them at the proper height. The gripper, mounted on a travelling crab, moves into position above the pallet and releases the bag. The bag is placed in the proper location via a bag guide frame. The filling pattern can be adjusted to standard platform formats.

For more details please visit Bijlsma Hercules web site:
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